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Aprille is a fine artist currently working and residing in South Africa. Having attended Art College and obtaining her diploma in applied arts, she went on to work for more than 20 years in a long and successful career in commercial design and advertising.

Aprille is a Murals Portraits Illustrations Artist, producing meticulously painted works, capturing the subject and emotion beautifully in a variety of art mediums.

Aprille works in a variety of private and corporate environments and is able to easily follow job specs and company policies. She has worked hand in hand with many large corporations and design companies. Of these, her most notable public works are:

She is available to work both nationwide and internationally.

Whether it is to commission a personal portrait, painting, mural for a private home or a large scale corporate project, she is always eager to add to her ever growing portfolio and ensures a personal touch to every work of art she undertakes. She prides herself on her legacy she is creating in this world and pours her heart and soul into every project she is presented with.

For a Murals Portraits Illustrations Artist, contact Aprille on Cell:  +27 (0) 81 513 6002. Email her via the online form here.